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  Blender is one of the best open source 3D graphics programs there is. It is a very active project and has more features than you might expect. It is highly usable and can produce stunning stills, animations and effects. This page is here to help those who are new to Blender or 3D graphics in general. Remember, if you do not succeed at first, keep trying, even if it seems hard. If you give up, you will probably never become proficient.

High Profile Sites:

  These sites are quite important in the world of Blender.


  These links contain various tutorials that I believe are useful.

  • Blender Basics - I think this is a very good PDF book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting to learn Blender.

  •'s Web Tutorials - I think these are also quite useful. There are a variety of topics, including some you might not even know existed!

  •'s Video Tutorials - I have not used these, but people seem to like them.


  These links contain documentation that I think are invaluable.

  • The Wiki Manual - I think this is one of the best resources there is for Blender. If you need help, you should always look here!

  •'s Older Documentation - This is very comprehensive. Despite being written for Blender 2.3x, I think it is still quite useful.

  • Another Related Page - This is a reference section connected to the above link.


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