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TechmeologyTechmeologyWelcome to TechmeologySite

  This site was created to share my knowledge and work. I hope that each visitor gains something useful and that this site becomes a valuable resource to many. Enjoy!

  If you wish to leave a comment, then please do so using the comments page.


Saturday 6th May 2006

  Today is the initial release day of this website (aside from that under construction message)!

I have added:

  • Getting Started Links - To help people who are new to Blender (or 3D Graphics in General)
  • My Blender Distributed Rendering Script - This is aimed at more advanced users with more complex animations.
  • Part 1 of "Making Textures with Blender"
  • A gallery of my work
  • The Comments Page
  • Etc...

Monday 24th April 2006

  This site comes into existence (although only as an under construction message).

Blender Tutorials:

  This section contains tutorials written by me about Blender.

Blender Information:

  This section contains information relating to Blender.

Blender Python Scripts:

  This section contains scripts that I have written (well, one at the moment).



Please Note: This site and its contents come with absolutely no warranty, and I (the author) do not accept any responsibility for this site or anything that happens as a result of it. Other than that, you can use it (or do anything else with it) you like, providing it's legal, of course!