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  It may seem obvious that Blender can be used to make textures (or perhaps not), but I have never seen anything written about this before. Blender is not limited to its procedural textures, and this is so, even when designing your own textures with Blender. A lot of this tutorial is application of existing techniques, but it's still nice to see new ideas for existing methods.

  You can use modeling techniques - for example, dupliverts and subsurf to generate the desired effect, and you can even animate the texture.

  This tutorial comes in sections, I might add more later:




Part 1   This part is an introductory exercise. In this tutorial, I intend to show you how to produce a cube with the letter "A" engraved on all sides. All Files (101 KB Zip)

The Cube Blend (25 KB Zip, to render this correctly, download The Texture Bitmap)

The Texture Blend (25 KB Zip)

The Texture Bitmap (34 KB Zip)

The Final Render (19 KB Jpeg)

Part 2 [In Progress]   In this exercise, I intend to produce a more advanced texture set with colour, and use them to create a displaced valley.  
Additional Files   These files aren't included in any specific part of this tutorial, but are still relevant. A Navigation Button Design (59 KB Zip)

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